The Apulian ICT Living Labs model

An "open ecosystem" was created whereby the user actively takes part in researching and testing innovative solutions, which have been developed through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). By adopting this methodology, the Apulia region has set up several financial tools available to Apulian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working in this sector.  These tools are set out in the 2007-2013 ERDF Operational Programme, Convergence objective" Investing in your future", Axis 1, Measure 1.4, Action 1.4.2 "Supporting the growth and development of SMEs specialising in offering digital content and services". The aim is to develop and enhance new products and services for the SMEs and families within the entire region.

InnovaPulia is responsible for implementing the project and it uses telematic procedures to manage regional calls for proposal on the web portal to develop and promote the territory and the companies listed on the Sistema Puglia.  It consists of two phases:

livinglabs fase 1
mapping the needs of the end-user.

First CALL FOR PROPOSAL in order to gather and catalogue themes, requirements and problems highlighted by the users.  During the second phase, these themes will be tested, with the aim of finding innovative ICT solutions.  In order to notify us of a need, you must register on the Sistema Puglia web portal. 

mapping a needs
living Labs Partners Catalogue
Qualification of the end-user and research laboratories to set-up the partnership catalogue. The subjects who are involved and available to be used in the testing activities in phase 2 are listed on the catalogue. To be listed on the Living Labs partner catalogue, you must register on the Sistema Puglia web portal.
sign into the Catalogue
livinglabs fase 2
call for proposal

Third CALL FOR PROPOSAL in order to allocate budget (euro 15millions) to the SME's, based on the proposals presented as well as to the subjects selected by the "Living Labs Partners Catalogue".

Projects development will last 12 months in order to launch the testing of the identified prototype solutions.

There was two calls for proposal and 34 living labs are already financied.

This call will end in November 26th 2013.

previous call 

Det. Dir. n.  371 (19/04/12)
Det. Dir. n.  404 (29/10/12)